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Symbiotic Relations pt1 (KLK x Reader)
A few weeks after (y/n) and Venom bonded, the two practiced several abilities. (y/n)’s favorite was the armor, completely covered head to toe in black combat armor. Venom explained this as his ‘Agent’ form, from back when he was in New York. Back then, Doctor Yamato was working with Oscorp, trying weaponize the Symbiotes. That was before Ragyo Kiryuin found and brought him in as an executive researcher.
Anyways, while (y/n) and Venom were talking in (y/n)’s room, Doctor Yamato walked in. He looked frustrated.
“(y/n), I’ve got some news, you’re going to Honnouji Academy. That last practice test I gave you was an entrance exam. Director Kiryuin and her daughter, Satsuki, were very impressed by your scores.”
(y/n) dropped down from the ceiling and the Symbiote uncovered his face so the black material stopped just under (y/n)’s ears and chin. “But isn’t that a go
:iconsoulsuckingginger:SoulSuckingGinger 7 5
Mature content
One Small Drink (Rin X Mreader) :icondragonslayerman6:dragonslayerman6 15 18
Silly girl ( Papi x Neko!Male!Reader )
Hello! Welcome to Papi oneshot! A few people asked me to write a story with her so here it goes! I hope you will enjoy it! :D
( Reader P.o.V )
I was staring at my harpy friend and human she just carried to the park. He seem to not feel the best after dropping in next to me. My cat ear twiched when he grunted in pain. "Are you okay mate?" I asked and poked him a few times. I look at Papi but she shrug and I sigh. He soon sit up and massaged the back of his head. "That hurt but I think I'm fine." He look in my cat like eyes and then at my ears and tail. "Before you ask. Yes I am from
:iconpsajchol:Psajchol 75 18
Prince ( Meroune x Male!Reader )

Welcome! Another part of the Monster Musume serie! ENJOY!
( Reader P.o.V )
On the streets...
I walk down the street as cars were passing by. I just stare down at the ground under my feet and sigh in sadness. I look at the bouquet in my hand and the toss it in the trash can. I felt rage and sadness passing throught my mind the whole not stopping even for a second. Just a few moments ago I was at my girlfriend's house and it turned out that she was kissing on the couch with my best friend. I felt that something was wrong after she was saying to better not visit her any time soon.
"Help me!" I heard someone screaming. I look up to see a girl with pink hair and black dress speeding down the hill on the wheelchair. I quickly jumped behind her and stopped the wheelchair but had on my knee and hurt my leg. I grunted in pain but get up and get to check girl. "Are you alright?" I asked worried and she looked in my eyes. I got lost in her beautifu
:iconpsajchol:Psajchol 67 33
Commission: Affection Purrfection by bakki
Mature content
Commission: Affection Purrfection :iconbakki:bakki 429 19
Moka x Male Reader The Power Grows! S4! Finale P2
Hey guys, I hope you all enjoy the second to last chapter :)
(Fusion name): this is the end for you Gyokuro
You smiled, she then got a little pissed off. She took a few steps forward.
Gyokuro: I don’t like that smirk on your face…
She continued walking forward and stopped just a few feet in front of you. You stood there with your arms crossed and devilish smirk on your face, everyone else looked on in shock.
Kahlua: they used the potara ear rings that my father keeps…
Inner Moka: there power is incredible…
Kokoa: so this is the fusion that took on Zamasu…
Ruby: now Gyokuro’s in for it…
Gyokuro heard all the comments and growled, she went for a punch on you but you then instantly disappeared. She gasped and looked around for you.
Gyokuro: w-where the hell did he go!?
But then she looked in the air and saw you punching and kicking the air. Your spe
:iconragnarock7400:Ragnarock7400 14 19
Always By Your Side 5 (Winter x Butler!Reader)
Soo... YEAH!
Almost didn't make it! xD

General POV

Midnight has struck and the couple, (y/n) and Winter, were heading to the outskirts of the town. The blinding lights of the city made it seem as though sleep was none existent in this part of Remnant.
“So… how was the traffic getting here?” the heiress asked, looking at her partner who had his attention else where. This out of place question made him snap back to her.
“We walked here together…” the butler said, keeping his expression stoic yet curious.
“Right… Hehe, of course…” she sounded disappointed.
“Milady, I-“ the words were stuck in (y/n)’s throat, feeling a bit guilty with the situation “I know that this isn’t the BEST circumstances for your first date… Just think of it as a fake one…”
:iconelementron:elementron 30 15
Miia portrait by jay156 Miia portrait :iconjay156:jay156 129 14
Make You Anew - Celestia Ludenberg x M!R!
(A/N: This was a request by TheRandom500. I think I failed half of your request so I hope you aren't too mad.)
(Note: I do not own Danganronpa or its characters. This is just a fan fiction for fun. Enjoy.)
(Side Note: This is a high school AU. No Ultimate titles, no Tragedy, no nothing. There is still a Hope's Peak but no titles. Also, Celestia might be OoC. I don't know. Just read and tell me if she is or not. I hope not. ANYWAY...!!!)

Make You Anew - Celestia Ludenberg x Male! Reader!
Celestia P.O.V.:
Today was a Saturday and I was walking around the city. There wasn't much going on as of now. I continued walking and was about to pass an alley but I had the urge to look down it. I did and I saw a boy about my age, sleeping on a piece of cardboard. He had rugged (H/C) hair and dirty clothes, consisting of a (F/C) shirt, jeans, and (F/C) shoes.
Celestia: Excuse me. Are you OK?
I walked up to the boy and he started to slowly wake up. He sat up and looked at me, revealing his (E/
:icongiantm137:GiantM137 18 17
Why me? Kagura (Fairy Tail) X Male Reader

Artwork by: Tremblax
(F/c) = Favorite Color
(H/c) = Hair Color
(H/l) = Hair Length
(E/c) = Eye Color
(F/n) = First Name
(L/n) = Last Name
(M/n) = Main Or Preferred Name
Why me? Kagura (Fairy Tail) X Male Reader
Requested By: ryuzero12 On Deviantart
(Kagura’s POV)
Out of all the capable members of Fairy Tale they have to keep sending him. He never takes anything seriously and if he isn’t making some bad pun he’s constantly flirting with me. Part of me wonders if he actually means it but the rest of me has to resist punching him in the face. I keep asking Master to ask for someone else but she always tells me, ‘His attitude doesn’t matter. He gets the job done with no injuries. That’s what matters.’ That infuriates me. She doesn’t have to deal with his constant attitude while on the job! I sigh in annoyance as I wait here at the train station. Master also insisted I pick him
:iconsilver0whisp:Silver0Whisp 34 24
The Hidden Dragon Ch. 30.5 (Erza X Male Reader)
Hello Folks! It's PhantomMaster18 here with the next chapter of The Hidden Dragon! 
Waifu Events go! Erza is going first!

(Y/N) - Your Name
(L/N) - Last Name
(F/N) - Full Name
(F/C) - Favorite Color
(F/C 2) - Second Favorite Color
(H/C) - Hair Color
(H/S) - Hair Style
< word > - Thoughts
Disclaimer: Lets get this out of the way - Fairy Tail does not belong to me, but this story does. Now, let the story continue!
Chapter 30.5: The Fantasia Parade (Erza)
Laxus, who was covered in bandages, walked down the hall (Y/N) got up and stood in front of him.
(Y/N): "What do you want Laxus?"
Laxus: "Where's the old man?"
Jet: "Like hell we're gonna tell you after everything you did!"
Everyone in the Guild Hall then began to throw insults at Laxus.
(Y/N): "Enough!
:iconphantommaster18:PhantomMaster18 19 6
Moka x Male Reader The Power Grows! S4! Finale P1
Hey guys! I hope you all enjoy this Chapter! :D
p.s just saw the Teaser Trailers and the promotional art for Farcry 5 and i'm so fucking hyped!!
You and Kahlua stared each other down. Kahlua without her limiters…you in his Super Saiyan Kaio-Ken, you both looked at each other for a bit.
(y/n) Thinking: Kaio-Ken won’t last for much longer…I need to finish this quickly…
But suddenly you gasped when Kahlua rushed forward, she went to kick you but you caught her foot mere inches from your face, you both growled at each other. You then used your KI to push her back, you both then stared at each other again…everything silent for a couple of seconds when suddenly you quickly got into a fighting position, Kahlua’s eyes opened a little, you then rushed forward and engaged her at hand to hand. But she was just as quick as you, she either dodged or blocked all of
:iconragnarock7400:Ragnarock7400 17 27
Thou Understands. Centorea X Male Reader

Artwork By: codegeman
Requested By: Monthly Special
(F/c) = Favorite Color
(H/c) = Hair Color
(H/l) = Hair Length
(E/c) = Eye Color
(F/n) = First Name
(L/n) = Last Name
(M/n) = Main Or Preferred Name
Thou Understands. Centorea 'Cerea' Shianus X Auistic Male Reader
(Your POV)
‘Go out for a while.’ They said. ‘It’ll help with your stress.’ They said. I knew better yet I did anyway. I guess it was either this or hear my roommate bitching at me to get out so he can spend time with that racist bitchy girlfriend of his. I wouldn’t care but she’s rather mean and hateful for no reason. Now here I am walking to nowhere… At first anyway. I then remember a good friend of mine lives about five minutes from where I am… I wonder if he’s home. It’s been a bit after all. He also lives away from the city so far less noise for my mind to try and process at o
:iconsilver0whisp:Silver0Whisp 42 55
[BNHA] Yaoyorozu Momo X Male!Reader
Finally, made my first BNHA fanfic, I really love this series, both Manga and Anime. Of course, my first fanfic will be a Male!Reader. The  timeline takes place when all of Class 1-A moved to the dorms.
Achieving to become a hero that holds a lot of responsibility, to protect and defend the lives of many, defeating vile villains that dare threaten the safety of everyone else. It isn't easy, even if one holds a powerful quirk, it won't discount the difficulty of being a hero. Always sometimes being forced what to do first when a villain holds a normal citizen hostage, choosing if you should defeat the villain first or the people that is one the verge of dying. What makes it more difficult is that if one hero has to confront a villain that ineffective to fight against with his or her current quirk. It's more unfortunate for those heroes who has quirks that is not good for fighting, those heroes would be targeted. Some heroes has balanced quirks. Others have very powerful ones
:iconelijahreyes:ElijahReyes 26 7
Akeno x M!Werewolf Reader Ch.1
You sat your desk during the final minutes of your class, Ms. Rossweiss was a great teacher and you enjoyed her classes. Kouh Academy would be a much better school if all its teachers were as well-mannered and enthusiastic with their students like her.  
“All right everyone, I have the results of last week’s test! Since it’s already the end of the day, you can leave as soon as you get your test back. If you have any questions, please wait until I have passed them all back.” Her cheerful voice canceled any of the whining that normally bust out when a teacher announced they had finished grading the classes test.
The students who knew they did badly couldn’t even complain about her as she truly did go above and beyond to help all of you as much as she could. She held extra classes after school and passed out as many handouts as she could for anyone who needed the help. If someone did fail it was their own fault and not hers’.
“Good job (Y/n)!
:icontaga-kun:Taga-kun 50 27
(Asia x Reader) Devil's Hunter - Finale

Neither Issei or (y/n) were fatally injured but they severely wounded. Issei was able to leave the clubhouse a few days after the incident, but (y/n) refused to join the others in the Hyoudou Household. And although he chose to stay at the old school building, Asia refused to leave his side
As he lay in his bed, his dreams were of the Nightmare but it was a different time. The Hunt was over, and Asia was there too. The two of them had a house in Central Yharnam and two kids, a boy and a girl. The boy looked more like Asia and the girl looked like (y/n). They were playing tag with other children, weaving in and out of shopping stalls.
(y/n) walked through the market with Asia at his side and the two picked up dinner for them. He looked down at her and smiled. “Looks like we got all we need. Ready to go?”
She returned his smile and le
:iconsoulsuckingginger:SoulSuckingGinger 11 12



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